On the recognition of Check Dam, Gao Hua and other


Each branch of the workshop, the department:

Fittings and valves with holes release products exist poor, blocking eye phenomenon, in order to normal production, often used to increase the rate of solid, add some starch and other means, but not often to avoid blocking eye conditions. In August, production centers Check Dam proposed to cut waste silica gel on the tip from the lower level module is glued to a smaller aperture, helping release, use special silicone adhesive. Miao Shi Lei, from the participation in the implementation, after a month of trial, and without the addition of starch to improve conditions at solid rates, starting with a long module, blocking eye phenomenon basically eradicated, greatly improving the pass rate while eliminating the need to improve the compaction rate and the increase in the normal mode from starch, improve product surface quality and reduce costs, with a wide range of promotion significance.

May 2015, technical equipment and procurement center received feedback, LEDE and IL lathe tailstock up some serious wear and tear, can not process for machining to repair tissue that is Zhao Ning Gao Hua, Wang Jian, Liu Quanxing discussion, high China proposed to fill the casting solution to solve, we think we can try, through the implementation of a week, it took only a few hundred dollars, to solve a big problem, save a thousand dollars in maintenance costs, shorten the waiting period lathe maintenance, participation implementation also Panshi Shun, Li Jingtao, Miao Shi Lei. LEDE currently IL and repair of each one, the other will gradually repair according to the production schedule.

These two, who both reflect and change the LEDE innovative and pragmatic spirit of enterprise, according to the company’s reward system, approved by the general manager, decided to give notice of commendation, and were given 600 yuan and 300 yuan reward, the majority of the company staff to carry forward the urgent I think in the ownership of the company would like, everyone striving to become a model of innovation.

Shandong LEDE owned unit (Group) Co., Ltd. (2015.10.13.)