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Field Communication Engineer

Planning, execution and coordination of independent test generator
Test reports issued from the generator and testing, as well as start-up and commissioning report
Execution, coordination generator and start trial operation
Check test is performed to assess the results, performance calculation and guaranteed values
In the start-up and commissioning on behalf of the company
Write a test program generator and electrical equipment
Strong computer skills in AutoCAD and Excel
Have strong written, verbal and telephone communication skills, especially to generate accurate, concise field notes capabilities.
Practical knowledge of civil engineering and the related art
10 hours OSHA construction safety points
Hold a valid driver's license
GIS education and experience in the communications or equivalent.
Communications engineering priority.
Knowledge and experience in the field of communication and regulatory advantages.
8-10 years progressive HSE leadership role in heavy manufacturing.

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LEDE`s corporate culture and direction of development

Enterprise Mission: uphold leading technology, provide high-quality products and services, innovation, but special but fine, Houde Boli, sincere letter.
Enterprise mission: to develop employees, rewarding shareholders, customers, contribute to society, bigger, stronger pipe fittings and valves business, technology innovation to lead the New World line.
Total Vision: national prosperity, social prosperity, Evergreen Enterprises; Ryder brands, domestic first-class, world-renowned; Ryder family, material wealth, spiritual pleasure.
Business goals: casting quality products, education and dedicated employees – become domestic and international high-quality pipe fittings and valves suppliers; become cheap and cost-effective model for the industry; to become energy-saving, environmental protection, efficient, green behavior model; give diligence to become Levin German people a better future and the future of the outstanding enterprises.
The spirit of enterprise: innovation and change, never let up; steadfast perseverance, never give up; hard work, never give up; the pursuit of excellence, and keep alive the passion; conscientious, never tired; clean and honest, never corruption.
Core values: hard work, professional, honest, innovation, collaboration
Confidential concept: strictly confidential, is everyone’s responsibility;
Innovative Concept: Demand pain point is innovation origin;
Salary View: productive paid, no outcome is a shame;
Implementation Approach: go all out, there is no excuse;
System Concept: There are rules to follow, there are rules to go by, the regulations will be strict enforcement, illegal reserved;
Learning concept: self-transcendence, life-long learning;
Duty: I assume my responsibility;
Employment outlook: a first position, the ability to second.