Development strategy

Shandong LEDE Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shandong Lede Machinery Co., Ltd. under the Shandong Group, located in Weicheng district of Weifang City West Outer Ring Road, was founded in March 2003, is a collection development, production, sales and service in one, the production of ductile iron pipe trench emerging valve, pipe-based specialty manufacturing high-tech enterprises. There are two casting production base, a pipe production base, a provincial engineering technology research center, the total assets of 150 million yuan, more than 600 employees, annual sales of 260 million yuan, ranking the forefront of Chinese industry currently Groove Tube manufacturers and operators, the products are widely used in automatic fire sprinkler systems and water supply and drainage systems, subways, airports, tunnels, seaports and other piping system of the building. The company’s future focus on the development of new projects and intelligent energy-saving valve socket-type plastic composite pipe, has obtained two patents, and has been put into small batch production.
The company attaches great importance to brand building, is committed to doing the most professional manufacturer of pipe coupling systems, pipes and ducts in the coupling system for users worldwide to provide the best cost of pipes, pipe couplings, pipe and other appropriate controls and quality products service. Currently, “LEDE” brand grooved pipe coupling (referred Groove Tube) has become the industry’s well-known brand, access to domestic users praise, the products are therefore in short supply.
The company attaches great importance to product development and technological innovation, product delivery route are: R & D test – patent protection – domestic and international authoritative certification – market. At the same industries and enterprises, it is the sole owner of the patent but a number of patented products manufacturer, in 2012 in Shandong Province approved the establishment of the pipe trench Engineering Technology Research Center.
The company’s development strategy is close to the national industrial policy, accomplishing technical development, resource type can be recycled, energy saving and efficient high-tech companies.