We are welcome the strategical partners

First, the partners should have the conditions:

  1. With office space, with lawful and valid business license;
  2. With more than one year of relevant experience fire accessories, hardware and other building materials sale or use;
  3. Has a working capital;
  4. There is a good local channels and connections;
  5. Identity “LEDE” business philosophy, with a strong desire to be successful and effective management capacity;
  6. Market experience and continuous development programs preferred.

Second, the manufacturers support:

  1. To provide a unified Storefront decoration;
  2. To provide business training;
  3. To provide publicity color pages, product manuals, materials and other qualifications;
  4. To provide trade journals, cost information, Internet and other media to promote the support;
  5. To provide market information filing and regional protection mechanisms to fully protect the interests of partners;
  6. To provide branding bring prospective users;
  7. Provide project support;
  8. To provide comprehensive pre-sale, sale, service;
  9. To provide quality products, new products continue to come out to increase competitiveness of partners.

Third, the joining process:

  1. Offers a variety of modes of communication: corporate Web site can watch internet consulting, website and customer service QQ real-time online customer service consulting, regional manager hotline, on-site consulting services.
  2. Welcome the visit can be made to the company site visits LEDE