Innovation is the only road to the revitalization of small and medium enterprises Foundry

Volkswagen entrepreneurship and innovation, since this year, China has vigorously advocated, Keqiang premier pushing a sweeping motherland of entrepreneurship, innovation wave. In this larger context, some entrepreneurs, confusion, anxiety, create what industry? What New Year?

In the 21st century, under the government boost China’s open-door policy, the private economy-oriented SMEs’ access to rapid development, has become an important part of national economy, but also more and more to take up economic growth, the contribution of tax responsibility. Promote employment and become the main force driving innovation. But after ten years of development, especially at all levels of government investment of birth, groups of homogeneity SMEs mushroomed emerged, resulting in a serious excess capacity, into the homogenization and price war trap and unable to extricate themselves! But after the 2008 financial crisis, the slow recovery in Europe and other international markets, the international consumer market to revive the weak; the country three decades rely on the “demographic dividend” is disappearing, rising cost of human resources for SMEs. Our SMEs, especially small and medium casting enterprises, where in the future? Bright, Where? To this end, I combined LEDE Group since the 2008 financial crisis in the course of development, a brief summary. For your reference in the way of innovation. And hope to play a valuable role!

LEDE 2003 venture in 2008 after five years of rapid development, from a few hundred thousand dollars of assets, more than a dozen individual small and micro enterprise development to more than 15 million fixed assets, annual sales of more than 60 million yuan, 160 employees more than small businesses. From 2008 onwards, annual sales of more than 20% greater than the speed of development. By 2014, sales reached 300 million. Although this year by the economic downturn at home and abroad, remains trace the rise. Currently staff development to more than 600 people, the establishment of a more than 60 professional and technical team, including engineering and technical personnel more than 30 R & D centers. Only 2014,2015 two years, five applications for invention patents, utility model patents 15. Has been granted two patents for inventions, utility models 15, the development of the net assets of 150 million, the company has four subsidiaries. Industrial development by a single pipe trench having a series of independent intellectual property rights of special steel-plastic tube, flexible self-sealing series of pipes, valves, no linear displacement and angular displacement of the tube cards and other products. Continue to broaden the market, from a single domestic market to exports to Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Latin America and other countries, the company markets more rational.

Then, remove the external environment by the rapid development of our country, made the above achievements have any experience of it to be found? That is the precise positioning customer base, do not move to the outside world, hidden insight into customer needs, pain points customers to dig deep to find the origin of innovation.

LEDE throughout the customer orientation has always been high-end customers, and why? So-called “sword hero gifts, send Pink Lady”, in respect of high-quality products sold to high-end customers, in other words high-end customers in order to protect the economic crisis we enterprises to survive, and even upstream. And it is precisely because LEDE insists on high-quality products, relying on powerful high-end customers will not fall into the “price war” in times of economic crisis to achieve a steady growth. We all know that the customer is “God”, you choose what kind of “God”, it has a kind of momentum. So how to choose a strong ability to “God” mean? That is to meet the real needs of customers, to solve practical problems exist. To achieve this goal, it would focus on customer needs, continuous innovation. In “Thirteen Five-Year Plan recommends that” the country has just released, also raised adhere to innovation and development, it must base its development on innovation, so that the whole society has become common practice in innovation. LEDE recalled the process of development, innovation has been the source for enterprise development, Here are a few specific examples of our inventions.

A resilient self-sealing process midline butterfly invention

2013, in the form of macroeconomic, ending 30 years of double-digit high-speed development stage, has entered a new development period a number of conventional response to this form, stronger company in order to start looking for the next step in the development of strategic products, In order to concentrate superior resources, proposed extending outwardly along the pipeline system chain. But a variety of pipe fittings, pipes, pumps, valves, intelligent control systems, which are traditional industries, or even hundreds of years, how these conventional products to a higher level?

With this question, I led the technical personnel conducted market research and found that in Guangzhou to participate in the spring exhibition on fluid, the participants of more than 300 manufacturers, actually no one valve plant products through the relevant internationally recognized certification bodies, I was quite surprised that we dignified big manufacturing country, there are more than 3,000 valve companies, there is no competing products to enter the ranks of the international high-end valve! what is the reason? Our mechanical valve manufacturing production has not even do not pass?

After the meeting, I took this issue to visit the company’s specialist customer (know piping installation and commissioning of engineering and technical personnel), we learned that the machinery industry is not producing no high-end valve products, but for so many years, for the “customer is God” First sentence eighties, early foreign language market economy, does not really understand, I think that the market economy is the Wenzhou lighter style puerile mode, only let us into a dead-end price competition; some even think the customer is “God” we dare not offend him. So have to accompany food to accompany drunk, KTV, bribery, the God developed a devil. For all these reasons, it did not lead to limited resources in the true God who.

“Customer is God,” God, what is it? We think: “God” is the implicit demand of customers, customer pain points. Only by addressing customer pain points in order to solve the customer’s implicit demand.

So, in the field of fire with water valves on how what kind of development direction? Where is the pain point? Through research summed up in the following points: 1) valve types include: four categories butterfly valves, valve, check valve, water control valves, etc; 2) the development direction of long life, no leakage, working pressure is 2.5Mpa and 1.6 Mpa elastic sealing valve; 3) pain point is the butterfly bearing down, work hard to meet the pressure 1.6Mpa, short life, the rotation several times water seepage. To meet UL, FM certification requirements 2 times the working pressure sealing test pass However, the current international by FM, UL seal test the maximum test pressure is 4.0Mpa, working pressure 2.5Mpa pressure test valve is 5.0Mpa. The same valve operating pressure to meet 2.5Mpa 5.0Mpa sealing test pressure, the pressure, the seal chamber and at the gate is easy to leak, and the switching torque; maintenance valve stem seals, valve needs to be removed from the pipeline under.

For more understanding of the situation, we have developed valve were positioned: the first to develop the field of fire water valves to meet the needs of high-end customer base.

From the elastic butterfly valve, gate valve to start, according to research customer pain points, the development of technical specifications, technical research and innovation, at least meet the following requirements:

Elastic Butterfly: 1) Rated working pressure