About the year 2015 to carry out excellent staff

Group subsidiaries, departments:

Over the past year, various units and staff unite closely to the core of the chairman of the management team around, pioneering and innovative, to overcome a series of difficulties and achieved good operating results. To sum up the experience, recognition of advanced, excellent staff now carry out the 2015 annual contest, notify the relevant issues as follows:

First, the selection principles: recognition of advanced, motivate staff enthusiasm, follow the “fair, just and open, Ningquewulan” selection principle.

Second, the selection of objects: LEDE Group June 30, 2015 (including 30 days) before the entry date and continuous work of all employees (more than middle-level officers and deputy team leader except).

Third, the selection time: Since ending December 5, 2015 until December 15, 2015.

Fourth, the quota allocation: each branch to the workshop, the Ministry department as a unit, according to the proportion of 10% -20% of the outstanding number of employees is determined (number of sectors, including middle and above and deputy team leader), sector by branch less than 5 people managers arrange a merger or incorporated in other departments to participate in the selection.

Fifth, the selection criteria:

(1) love their work, their own assiduously business, master of the post business skills;

(2) compliance, compliance with company rules and regulations, no disciplinary offense;

(3) no illegal operations and security incidents;

(4) annual leave fewer than three times, and in three days (inclusive), and annual sick leave of not more than four days;

(5) subject to distribution, obey orders, the letter to complete various tasks assigned by superiors;

(6) never shirk responsibilities, colleagues or superiors can put forward reasonable proposals;

(7) recognition and consciously practice the corporate culture;

(8) 3S doing a good job.

Sixth, selection procedure

1, each department head in charge of the selection of the department.

2, after the approval of the branch manager and report to the Group human resources department, after approval by the human resources section summarizes the general manager.

Seven, Bonus:

1, in the year-end wrap-up meeting by the leadership of the company to be commended for outstanding employees, and payment of prizes and awards.

2, in the LEDE Group newspaper to be published.



                                    Shandong LEDE Group human resources department (2015-12-3)