Groove pipes profile


1. Overview

Automatic sprinkler system design specifications proposed connecting system piping should be grooved or threaded fittings, flanges; system pipe diameter equal or greater than 100mm should be segmented flange or groove connection connection.
Groove Tube connection technology, also known as clamp connection technology, has become the most important technology of the current liquid, gas pipe connections, although this technology in the country’s development later than other countries, but because of its advanced technology, soon to be home market received. Beginning in 1998, research and development, through the development and application of just a few years, has gradually replaced the two traditional pipe connection flanges and welding. Not only technically more mature, the market generally recognized, and received positive guidance of national regulations and policies.
Application Groove Tube connection technology, the process becomes complex piping connections simple, quick and convenient. The pipe connection technology is a major step forward.

2. Introducing

Groove Tube consists of two categories of products: