Differences between technological solutions

The difference at the valve products: The company groove / flange dark bar soft sealing valve using groove / flange connection, using a unique self-sealing technology to ensure more reliable sealing performance under high pressure. Currently known resilient butterfly valve is obtained by rotating disc compression elastic layer (rubber, plastic, etc.) between the metal disc and the housing seal, thus seriously wear, short life, low pressure. To solve this problem, we propose a self-sealing concept, namely: the disc circumferential surface of the outer edge of the elastic sealing ends are axial outer layer, thereby forming a fluid passage with the inner wall of the bonded two lip rings, lip rings by the an inclined surface gradually thickens the outside. Outsourcing elastomeric seal between the disc and the casing layer with a little interference. When the rotation outsourcing elastic sealing layer metal disc, lightly compressed elastic sealing layer and the metal disc between housing. Thus greatly reducing the wear and tear, and because of the elastic sealing layer along the circumferential end faces of the disc is formed from a dense structure. When closing the disc by the pressure of the water, the automatic lip ring radially expandable, play a role in the water seal. This research project will address decades of low pressure butterfly valve, short life, torque big problem, but rather to reduce the weight of the valve, the valve will made in China to the world, to improve China’s competitiveness in the world, the valve has considerable economic and social benefits

Groove pipes:

1. Anti-blocking Aprons: anti-extrusion external thread, internal thread anti-blocking. Aprons outside thread, reducing the area of ​