Our customer (Harbin)

Harbin Harbin Industry University Station subway station and West Bridge Road Station
Harbin Hengda oasis
Joy City Harbin
Harbin Tobacco Factory
West Harbin Railway Station
Harbin Golden Bay
Harbin Jin Jue Vientiane
Harbin ceramic cell
Harbin Yellow River Park and underground shopping malls
Northland Daqing City of Dreams
Daqing IRS office
Jingwei Daqing No. One underground garage
Harbin Medical freshman hospital
HIT Sports Center
Harbin Xiangfang timber underground parking
Harbin Hongxiang gardens Phase II
Three fine Harbin Pharmaceutical two plants
Harbin Power forest people underground garage
HIT International Center
Harbin HTC Xintiandi home
Harbin Yi-Heng home

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